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Lunette Menstrual Cup - Blue - Size 1

  • Lunette Menstrual Cup - Blue - Size 1
Lunette Menstrual Cup
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The Lunette Menstrual Cup is:
Made in Finland of 100% medical-grade silicone
Hypoallergic, latex-free, odourless and safe
Economic and ecologically-friendly; used with care, one Lunette menstrual cup lasts for about 5-10 years
A sanitary and healthy alternative to disposable tampons and sanitary napkins
Easy-to-use and comfortable, needs emptying only 2-4 times a day. Can be used during the night
The lining of the cup is totally smooth and the tab is flat, so cleaning is extremely easy
Measuring lines of 7.5ml and 15ml inside the cup for monitoring the amount of your flow
Can be sterilised by placing in boiling water for 2-5 minutes
Can be used by all women
Can be used before first sexual intercourse and also with an IUD and contraceptive ring.
Not to be used during post-natal bleeding due to the vagina being inflamed from childbirth
Does not disrupt the natural lubricating ability of the vagina, nor does it dry the vaginal mucous membrane
No dampness, no outbreaks of vaginal candidiasis, cystitis or toxic shock syndrome have been linked to the use of menstrual cups
Can be used during sports
Not tested on animals

The Lunette™ menstrual model 1:
Is recommended for women with light flow or who have never had sexual intercourse

The Lunette™ menstrual model 2:
Is recommended for women who have a heavier flow.

1. The amount of flow. We have noticed that this is the most important factor when choosing the right cup. As a general rule we can say that the bigger cup is best for heavier flow and smaller cup for lighter flow.

2. Anatomy. Each woman's anatomy is different and because of this we sometimes recommend the smaller Lunette cup also for heavier flow and vice versa. These kind of factors are:

Age. The smaller Lunette cup was originally designed to make it easier for young girls to start using a cup. Young women usually have tighter vaginal muscles, and inserting the smaller cup might be easier. The muscles lose elasticity with age and many women transfer to the bigger cup at some point in their life. There can be also hormonal changes, caused by e.g. pregnancy. These changes can affect the amount of menstrual flow quite radically, making one cup better for you than the other. As a rule of thumb we can say that the Lunette size 2 is suitable for most adult women.

Virginity. We recommend the smaller Lunette cup to be used before first sexual intercourse, even if you have heavy periods. Because your muscles and hymen are most likely quite tight, it is easier to insert the smaller Lunette.

Pregnancy. If you have been pregnant, we recommend the Lunette cup size 2, because the shape of vagina changes during pregnancy. Hormones change your vaginal mucles and the hip bone structure.

Location of your cervix. With a thoroughly washed finger you can try if you can reach your cervix during menstruation. If your cervix sits very low, it is better to choose the smaller Lunette, since it is shorter and most likely fits better inside your vagina.

Active sports, e.g. yoga or pilates. Sports that strengthen the core muscles extensively, also work on pelvic floor muscles. Many women who actively and regularly do these sports have very strong vaginal muscles also later in their life. In this case you might want to consider the Lunette size 1.

From the table below you can check which cup we recommend primarily. If you are unsure about which size to choose, don't hesitate to contact use.

virgin lighter flow 1 heavier flow 1
teenager lighter flow 1 heavier flow 1 or 2
Young woman, has not given birth lighter flow 1 heavier flow 2
Young woman, has given birth lighter flow 1 or 2 heavier flow 2
Adult woman, has not given birth lighter flow 2 (or 1) heavier flow 2
Adult woman, has given birth lighter flow 2 (or 1) heavier flow 2
Short vagina (you can easily reach your cervix with your finger) lighter flow 1 heavier flow 1
Active sportswoman, e.g. pilates, yoga lighter flow 1 heavier flow 1

If you are using the cup together with a contraceptive ring, first insert the contraceptive ring in the uterine orifice and only then position the menstrual cup in the vagina.

You might not succeed in inserting the menstrual cup perfectly the first time, but you should get it right after a few tries. Since the Lunette menstrual cup does not dry out the mucous membrane, you can practise with it even when you are not menstruating. In this case, you should wet the menstruation cup with water and use a water-soluble lubricant to help position the cup. However, during menstruation, there is naturally more moisture in the vagina so it is usually easier to practise inserting the cup during your period. You shouldn't give up on the menstruation cup when the first difficulty arises. It may take some practise before you get it in just right.

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