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TotsBots Bamboozle Bulk Pack - 5x Bamboozles, 2x StretchyWraps


TotsBots Bamboozle Bulk Pack - 5x Bamboozles, 2x StretchyWraps
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The supersoft bamboozle stretch is made from gorgeous s-t-r-e-t-c-h-y bamboo giving fantastic absorbency, yet slim fitting. It is the perfect 'anytime' nappy and will last the night no problem too with the addition of an extra booster. It is easy to see why this nappy won the Mother & Baby Gold in the Best Reusable nappy category for the last few years.

You will only need 2 StretchyWraps for 5 bamboozles because the nappies contain 'EVERYTHING' so well you will not need to wash the waterproof outer as often as the nappies.  

  • Slim fitting with multi directional stretch — fabulous fit every time
  • Hook & Loop fastening — just like a disposable
  • Optional Birth to potty — The Size 2 fits from 4kg-16kg by adjusting the poppers on the front
  • Hidden minkee core and pop in bamboo booster increases absorbency
  • Fabric is more durable than terry bamboo
  • Stays softer longer, great for hard water areas
  • You will need to use a waterproof wrap with this nappy

Size 1: Fits from 2.5-8kg (trim fitting option for newborn, and prem babies)
Size 2: Fits from 4.5-16kg (birth to potty size)
Size 3: For 16kg + (great night nappy for toddler)

Each Bamboozle 5 pack includes:

  • 5 natural Bamboozle nappies (your size choice)
  • 2 white StretchyWraps
  • Full care and use instructions

If you wish to have a stay dry layer with the bamboozles, optional microfleece liners can be purchased here

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