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GroVia Hybrid Hook & Loop Shell - Tex

GroVia Hybrid Hook & Loop Shell - Tex

What do you get when you combine the most modern textiles in cloth diapering with the old-school concept of a waterproof diaper cover that's reusable between washes? The GroVia Hybrid Diaper!

Pair our stylish Shells with any combination of snap-in Soaker Pads, economical prefold cloth diapers, or our eco-friendly disposable BioSoakers to create a simple-yet-flexible modern green diapering system that anybody can change and everybody will love!

Choose from the one-step Hook/Loop closure style—the most like a disposable diaper to remove or put on—and the Snap closure, which can be simpler to launder and, later, more toddler-proof.

A vintage print remade

Tex and Calico are two delightful new prints meant to pay homage to a simpler time. A time when everything had a use and you used everything. Tex features vintage cowboys galloping across a prairie, complete with lassos and stars. Calico is a whimsical floral pattern in bright colors on a linen-colored background. Both have a very unique woven textile appearance that will surely make them stand out from the other diapers on your changing table!

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NZ$ 29.90
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